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Banter travelling again

Every time I go on holiday, I am worried about how I am going to do my LCHF eating. Then I make this decision: ‘As far as possible I shall do LCHF, but if it is impossible for a day or two, I won’t panic.’

This time, my first challenge was the 30 hour trip from Cape Town to Sydney, when I would have no control over my food. So I started my day with a breakfast of two eggs and a tomato.

At Cape Town International, I was privileged to visit FNB’s SLOW lounge where I could eat cheese and salads, totally Low Carb. As a result of that, I could say no thank you for the carb loaded wrap that was served on our flight to Johannesburg.

SLOW lounge again at Johannesburg International, thanks to FNB, so it was cheeses and salads again! Everything went quite well!

I didn’t specify any food preferences for my trip. Now that I am aware of it, I can’t believe how many sugar and starch are included on our menus. Dinner was served: Beef and rice, bread roll, TUC biscuits, butter, cheese, chocolate cake, after dinner chocolate, fruit, pasta salad.

Do you know what? In the past, I would have eaten everything on my plate and if they brought anything more, I would eat that as well, feeling bloated, but still needed more! Do you remember that feeling? Give me more food! Yes! More and more and more!

But thanks to the LCHF lifestyle, the beef was enough, with the fruit and cheese. Nothing more was needed, I felt wonderful, not bloated at all, comfortable enough even to sleep for an hour or two.

When breakfast came, again there was enough scrambled eggs and sausage and a piece of cheese and fruit to eat. The neighbour gave me his cheese as well, which I really didn’t need, but enjoyed.

Takeaways still are a problem, because carbs are the main thing. At Mac Donalds, I ordered a wrap with spinach and bacon and feta, ate the filling and didn’t eat the wrap. More than enough food!

At a grocery store we bought a few LCHF goodies and together with a few nuts I will survive. Most hotels offer breakfast where eggs are on the menu, and one nice meal a day will be possible where the Banter can make good choices.

Yes, LCHF is definitely a lifestyle that works for me, even on holidays.

Best wishes


After thought: Please read what Awethentiq wrote about LCHF.

How do you do?

Hello, my name is Toortsie, which is the Afrikaans word for a flashlight, just a little light, like a small torch. We have a mixed farming operation in the Overberg. We grow grain crops (canola, wheat, and barley) and we also have sheep and dairy cattle.  Although grain is not allowed in the LCHF lifestyle, it is a part of my life and I can’t expect our whole farm to change for the sake of my weight. In no way am I trying to impose my lifestyle on others.

In July 2014 I was totally disheartened. I have already tried a lot of weight loss programmes with which I did really well until I reached my target weight, just to gain it all again! Do you know that feeling? A scale doing the see-saw?  One moment you are looking beautiful and sexy, the next moment you have gained every single kilogram you have lost before?

When Prof. Tim Noakes reached the headlines with his new approach to eating, I just shook my head. We just have to eat a balanced diet, don’t we? But I became more and more interested. The problem was, I was eating way too much with excellent balance!

I started recalling bits of conversations, like uncle Tooi, a physician, who once said that the human body cannot actually digest whole grains. Why didn’t I grow fat as a child when I ate so many eggs?

Over time, I heard of more and more doctors approving of the Banting lifestyle, I started thinking that perhaps I should give it a go.

On Sunday, July 27, 2014, with a weight of 96.7 kg, I decided to try the Banting eating plan. Since then I never looked back. Today my weight is about 80 kg.

I realise that there are many interpretations of this way of eating. Some people say that we may eat fruit while others say no. Some people do count carbs while others say that it is not necessary. Some ‘schools’ say that we must not eat vegetables in the first week of LCHF, while others say that we have to eat vegetables with every meal. I feel that each person has to choose which one of the many schools he/she is going to follow and then stays within that rules, and most importantly, know the rules. I am following the Banting lifestyle as is described in The Real Meal Revolution by Prof Tim Noakes and when writing on this blog, it is my interpretation of the lifestyle.

My wish is to help and inspire someone.

Best wishes


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The orange list, oh, the orange list

The one thing in LCHF eating that creates so many different opinions, it is the orange list. Like so many other things, LCHF are interpreted in different ways.

Me myself does Banting, as described in The Real Meal Revolution by Prof Tim Noakes.  On page 47, Prof Noakes write that the green list is the all you can eat list. From this list we can choose anything we like, without worrying about the carbohydrate content as all the foods will be between 0 to 5 g/100 g. He also says that it will be almost impossible to overdo your carbohydrate intake by sticking to this group of foods. Eat only a moderate amount of animal protein but include as much fat as you are comfortable with.

We all know that we are not allowed to eat from the red list because they will be either toxic or high-carbohydrate foods.

Now the orange list. The orange list is made up of ingredients containing between 6 g to 25 g of carbs per 100g. If we want to lose weight, we must try to eat less than 25g of carbs per day. So, if we eat for example one and a half apple, we had the full amount of orange list for the day. It is not ‘and, and, and’, but ‘or, or, or’.

Remember, we want to make LCHF a lifestyle. This is not a prison camp. We don’t have to make it more difficult than it is already. Actually, it is not difficult at all, but we must be careful not to deprive ourselves of something we are allowed to eat. By including some items on the orange list widen the variety of foods that we may eat. It helps not to get boring with the diet.  I highly recommend that we sometimes have some of the foods on the orange list as well.

As there are for example 5 carrots per day on the orange list, that is the full amount of orange list for the whole day, why not put one or two carrots in your mixed vegetables? It is not halfway as many as is allowed and it makes your vegetables more interesting.

I had items from the orange list from the beginnig and have it still, after losing 17kg. My opinion? Eat from the orange list as well, but remember to do it within the limits.


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Help! Why do I eat more on cold days?

(Copied and changed a bit from my post in

In answer of a question of another member on a LCHF Facebookpage, I want to write this.

First of all I want to tell you that I think it is normal. The wonderful thing of LCHF, or Banting, is that we don’t count food. We listen to our bodies! We eat when we need food and stop when we had enough, so, on a cold and rainy day, when our bodies ask for more food, we give it to them and tomorrow when the sun is shining and we, perhaps, need less food, we eat less.

With all the other weightlossprograms that I followed, I had to count food, and when my body asks for more, I couldn’t give it to him. Now, I am allowed to listen to my body and give it what it asks.

But there is a snag! On such days we can’t eat anything that we want! No! We still have to stay within the boundaries of our new lifestyle. And as always, when our body ask for more, or for sweetness, we have to eat more fat! Yes! Fat! So, stop counting the food and eat more fat and don’t feel a failure because you are not one, not a failure at all! You are someone who wants to live a healty life and this what you are doing by doing LCHF.

So my dear friends, when you feel that you need more food on a cold day, make yourself a lovely, creamy broccoli soup or a cream cheese tart.  Or what about a nice stew with fatty meat. Recipes for all of these lovely foods are in my book, Toortsie’s Banting Bash. 

But most important, enjoy yourself! Give your body what it is asking for! By depriving yourself of food on such days because you already had the prescribed amount of food, is bad news and can be the reason for falling off the wagon. Somewhere along the line your will-power may give in and it is just then that you over-indulge in bread or chocolate or anything that you see. Do you know that feeling? I do, and that is the reason why I say, rather eat the food that you are allowed to when your body asks for it, than losing it.

Make yourself a lovely comforting cup of hot chocolate: Use a cup of full cream milk, of even better, use cream, or a mixture of cream and milk, with 2 teaspoons of good quality cacao and 1½ teaspoons of xylitol. Mix. Put in microwave oven for 1 to 2 minutes on high and enjoy! Enjoy every moment of it. Don’t feel guilty about it. At LCHF we don’t feel guilty about enjoying food, we enjoy every bite.

Make sure that you always have cheese in your fridge. Lots of cheese. Nice cheese.  Nuts don’t do it for me on cold days.

But most of all: Forget all the old diet rules that we believed for too long. Listen to your body. Give it what it asks, from the green list, and perhaps a little bit from the orange list, but never from the red list.

Good luck. It is absolutely worth it. I am more than 2 years on LCHF, lost 17 kg and the best of all is that I am maintaining my weight! What a blessing!

You can do it as well! Really, you can! It really isn’t difficult.


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The Before and the After

I started the LCHF lifestyle because I was obese again, like so many times before.

Like so many other people, I always believed that one should have a balanced diet, then everyting would be fine. But if I may put it like radio presenter Ian Wessels did, my problem was that I was eating way to much with excellent balance. I love food, I love eating! I am good at eating.

Before As a child, I was as thin as a rake and far under my ideal weight. I started gaining weight in matric, but not too much. As a first-year at the University of Stellenbosch, I picked up some weight, as most first-years do. That tin of rusks, filled to the brim when I was home for the weekend, was just too tenicing! I only started struggling with my weight in later years.

I don’t believe in instant diets. Over the years, I have been a member of two of the biggest weight-loss organisations and I did very well on both programmes. The fat just melted away – until I reached my target weight. From then on, I just gained it all back in a short space of time, with some extra.

Do you know that feeling? It was just impossible to stick to the eating plan permanently!

Today, I’m Banting (LCHF) for more than two years, lost 17 kg and feel wonderful. I never looked back.

After jpeg Best wishes.


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