More about Kruinsig Farm Accommodation

Kruinsig is a farm that is situated about 9 km from Riversdale, in the direction of the mountains.

The beautiful and spacious farm house is converted into a guest house that is fully equipped for 10 people.

The house has 5 bedrooms, a warm and friendly kitchen which has a gas stove as well as an antique wood-oven where you may cook lovely potjiekos or bake your own bread. There is only one bathroom and one extra toilet, which must be shared by the guests.

The house is rented out to only one group at a time.

Enjoy the farming activities that happen around the house and the Jersey cows that are grazing nearby. Most of all, enjoy the silence and the beautiful mountain and reload your batteries with your friends and family.

It is a self-catering house, but meals may be served if it is arranged in advance.

Book early! Contact us at 087 230 8858 or 082 563 8351 or email us at


We would love it to have you as a guest.