Banter travelling again

Every time I go on holiday, I am worried about how I am going to do my LCHF eating. Then I make this decision: ‘As far as possible I shall do LCHF, but if it is impossible for a day or two, I won’t panic.’

This time, my first challenge was the 30 hour trip from Cape Town to Sydney, when I would have no control over my food. So I started my day with a breakfast of two eggs and a tomato.

At Cape Town International, I was privileged to visit FNB’s SLOW lounge where I could eat cheese and salads, totally Low Carb. As a result of that, I could say no thank you for the carb loaded wrap that was served on our flight to Johannesburg.

SLOW lounge again at Johannesburg International, thanks to FNB, so it was cheeses and salads again! Everything went quite well!

I didn’t specify any food preferences for my trip. Now that I am aware of it, I can’t believe how many sugar and starch are included on our menus. Dinner was served: Beef and rice, bread roll, TUC biscuits, butter, cheese, chocolate cake, after dinner chocolate, fruit, pasta salad.

Do you know what? In the past, I would have eaten everything on my plate and if they brought anything more, I would eat that as well, feeling bloated, but still needed more! Do you remember that feeling? Give me more food! Yes! More and more and more!

But thanks to the LCHF lifestyle, the beef was enough, with the fruit and cheese. Nothing more was needed, I felt wonderful, not bloated at all, comfortable enough even to sleep for an hour or two.

When breakfast came, again there was enough scrambled eggs and sausage and a piece of cheese and fruit to eat. The neighbour gave me his cheese as well, which I really didn’t need, but enjoyed.

Takeaways still are a problem, because carbs are the main thing. At Mac Donalds, I ordered a wrap with spinach and bacon and feta, ate the filling and didn’t eat the wrap. More than enough food!

At a grocery store we bought a few LCHF goodies and together with a few nuts I will survive. Most hotels offer breakfast where eggs are on the menu, and one nice meal a day will be possible where the Banter can make good choices.

Yes, LCHF is definitely a lifestyle that works for me, even on holidays.

Best wishes


After thought: Please read what Awethentiq wrote about LCHF.

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