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So what will happen when I go to the old age home?

Since LCHF (Banting) really became a lifestyle for me, I think about a lot of things, even things regarding my future! You see, I really want to do it for the rest of my life, if God permits it. So … Lees voort

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Banter travelling again

Every time I go on holiday, I am worried about how I am going to do my LCHF eating. Then I make this decision: ‘As far as possible I shall do LCHF, but if it is impossible for a day … Lees voort

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I am going on holiday

Yes! I am going on holiday. So please, until October 10, I can’t post out your books. If you order a Toortsie’s Banting Bash or Toortsie se Bantingboerekos, I can only post it out on October, 10th. Until then, have a wonderful time! … Lees voort

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Who paid me?

Please, help! On August, 30’th, somebody paid money into my bank account for a Toortsie’s Banting Bash. Unfortunately the person didn’t send me his/her postal details. Was it you?  Please, if it were you, send me your details. Remember, I … Lees voort

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