So you have reached your goal weight? So what now?

So you have reached your goal weight? Congratulations! What are you going to do next? What are you going to do to maintain that weight?

What I am writing now, is my personal opinion.

In the past, when I was following other weight loss programs, it always went well. I lost lots of weight in the shortest possible time and then I reached my goal weight. Wonderful! And THAT was when the problems started. The first thing they did, was changing the meal plan. I got more relaxed, didn’t write down everything that I ate, and within two to three weeks I started gaining weight again! BOEM! I fell of the wagon, I gained all the weight that I lost plus more. Do you know that feeling?

So, when I started the LCHF lifestyle on 27 July 2014, more than two years ago, I decided on that first day that I would not change the eating plan when I reached my goal weight. What I did then, is what I will continue doing.

When I had lots to lose, it was easy. In the first week of LCHF, I lost 4 kg! The next week I lost one. Since then I still lost but it happened slower and slower as I didn’t have so much to lose anymore. In the first 6 months I lost 13 kg. Then my weight was standing still for nearly a year, and I didn’t care about it, I was so glad that my not going up and down like a yo-yo. Then suddenly, at the beginning of 2016, I started losing again. Slowly, slowly I lost my weight and at this stage I am about 2 kgs from my goal weight. So till now, I lost 17 kg and I am so proud of it!

From day one I ate as much as I needed from the green list, never from the red list and also from the orange list. (Lists from The Real Meal Revolution, Tim Noakes). Over time I used less alcohol, I would drink a glass of red wine every evening, nowadays I drink about one per week. I use less and less yoghurt, but the rest stays just the same, as on day one. And this is how I will continue.

I am a bit worried when I read that you may eat more from the orange list, or even things like beetroot that is on the red list when you’ve reached your goal weight. Personally I think that we are so much more vulnerable when we are at our goal weight as when we had lots to lose. Be careful. Let’s do LCHF for the rest of our lives. Let’s do it the best we can.


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2 thoughts on “So you have reached your goal weight? So what now?

  1. I couldn’t agree more – best way to eat and you’re never hungry between meals. Even it Italy I try to stick to Banting – but sometimes not possible – I miss eggs for breakfast😆 I have actually lost weight in Italy🙀

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