The Before and the After

I started the LCHF lifestyle because I was obese again, like so many times before.

Like so many other people, I always believed that one should have a balanced diet, then everyting would be fine. But if I may put it like radio presenter Ian Wessels did, my problem was that I was eating way to much with excellent balance. I love food, I love eating! I am good at eating.

Before As a child, I was as thin as a rake and far under my ideal weight. I started gaining weight in matric, but not too much. As a first-year at the University of Stellenbosch, I picked up some weight, as most first-years do. That tin of rusks, filled to the brim when I was home for the weekend, was just too tenicing! I only started struggling with my weight in later years.

I don’t believe in instant diets. Over the years, I have been a member of two of the biggest weight-loss organisations and I did very well on both programmes. The fat just melted away – until I reached my target weight. From then on, I just gained it all back in a short space of time, with some extra.

Do you know that feeling? It was just impossible to stick to the eating plan permanently!

Today, I’m Banting (LCHF) for more than two years, lost 17 kg and feel wonderful. I never looked back.

After jpeg Best wishes.


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