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I had been a foodaholic

So many times in the past, I said the words, ‘I am addicted to food’, then people laughed and thought that I was joking. But I wasn’t. That was long before I started the LCHF lifestyle more than two years … Lees voort

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How do you do?

Hello, my name is Toortsie, which is the Afrikaans word for a flashlight, just a little light, like a small torch. We have a mixed farming operation in the Overberg. We grow grain crops (canola, wheat, and barley) and we … Lees voort

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Toortsie and the photo shoot

When I published the Afrikaans book, Toortsie se Bantingboerekos, I planned a photo shoot as soon as the book was published. I wanted to take photo’s of all the boxes and boxes full of books. But it didn’t happen like that. You … Lees voort

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Banting muffins LCHF

I don’t bake lots of Banting bread or muffins, I am too lazy! But sometimes I feel like it and then I bake these muffins. They are delicious and easy to make. Today, when I wanted to grind the seeds, … Lees voort

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So you have reached your goal weight? So what now?

So you have reached your goal weight? Congratulations! What are you going to do next? What are you going to do to maintain that weight? What I am writing now, is my personal opinion. In the past, when I was following … Lees voort

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The LCHF traveller

Every time I return home from a trip somewhere, I come to the conclusion that LCHF definitely is the easiest and best way of lifestyle, even when travelling. It helps if you are prepared a bit. On our last trip … Lees voort

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The orange list, oh, the orange list

The one thing in LCHF eating that creates so many different opinions, it is the orange list. Like so many other things, LCHF are interpreted in different ways. Me myself does Banting, as described in The Real Meal Revolution by … Lees voort

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